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How we take care of your finances

Financial Planning process

When working with a new client, we ensure three things: that we establish a process for communication between us, that we seek to manage risk in your portfolio appropriate to your needs, and that we regularly review and update your plan.

1. Initial Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your position and establish how we can help. During this meeting, which is at no cost to you, we provide you with an understanding of how Nicholson Dent Financial Planning may be able to assist you.

2. Your Current Position and Goals

We will then work with you to review your current financial position and aim to understand your goals for the future. This is quite a long and involved process. We really want to know what's important to you, your current situation and what you want to achieve.

3. Analysis

Following our discussions, we will analyse your current position and aim to determine the best strategy to allow you to begin on the journey of realising your goals.

4. Recommendations

We will provide a personalised report to clearly outline your financial position and present our recommendations. We will ensure you understand the options and are able to select the most suitable solution. Solutions are often worked on in stages having agreed what objectives are your immediate priority and what will be work in progress.

5. Implementation

Our private client services are built upon a comprehensive administration process to allow a smooth implementation of the recommended financial planning strategy, so you can be confident that your affairs will be looked after efficiently.

6. Review

The final stage of the process will be a review of your financial planning strategy to ensure it remains effective over time. Reviews should take place at least annually but can be more frequent, if required. The world, our clients' circumstances and their goals change overtime. We look to work with our clients over the long term adjusting portfolios and strategies to meet those changes.